Develop your international organization with the Dutch approach. Our talented and experienced trainers will help you grow. The directness which is typical Dutch, will be combined with our excellent feeling for intercultural communication. Therefore you will receive honest feedback in such a way that it fits to your (organization)cultural standards.

In the Netherlands we are a front up runner in the training business. The newest and most successful approaches based on the most recent knowledge about learning and development are partbesttrainingcountries of our culture. Internationally the Netherlands are in the top 3 of best performing countries in business training

What is your benefit?

Training activities that really lead to improvement. Training activities that brings joy in learning and development. Training activities that empowers your people in such a way that growth comes from the inside. So Result, Joy, Mutual understanding and Growth our our promises. We dare to confront in a respectful way if needed for the result, so the true areas for development will be revealed.

When do you need us?

If you want to improve the mutual understanding between the team members and between teams a two day training program with MapsTell will give you the best and the easiest common language to do that.

If you want to improve the pro-activeness of your team, you will find the answers in our approach so we invite people in a respectful way to improve their ability and their trust to act.

If you want to translate your key values into practical every day behavior, we help you to make that translation bottom up.

Where can you find us?

You don’t have to find us, we are delighted to come to you. The first meetings can be done by phone, mail of skype.

We deliver our services all over the world.


Recent International Projects

Development of all the staffs of a Hotel company in Zanzibar and Tanzania

Increasing the proactivity of a international service team of a big NGO (due to their policy we can not mention the name but we are sure you know them) in Germany.

Improving the cross cultural understanding of communication and leadership for an NGO advisory organization in setting up cooperations in development countries.

Improving the sales skills by improving the knowledge of the clients behavior with MapsTell for an international IT organization.

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